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Hard Labour Gym has been established for over 20 years and is renowned for its' friendly atmosphere, excellent gym equipment, cleanliness and hygiene, making it -


No matter what type of training the individual needs we have the equipment necessary to achieve their personal goals. We have the most efficient heavy duty resistance and plate loaded machines available today that have been made to our own specification to target the muscle group that we are intending to train. Also, a full range of free weights and cardiovascular equipment. This consists of 2 full sets of dumbells, one rubberised set and one cast set ranging from 2kgs up to 150kgs. All bars are olympic and weights to match. Cardio equipment is made by Star Track which is of the heighest quality and we also have a fitness boxing room for a different kind of cardio workout. If you need a helping hand training, there are personal trainers available for hire to help motivate and show you the correct training methods to help you reach your personal goals.

We also have a treatment room either for a relaxing massage or sports injury assistance. We have top qualified sports therapists ready to look after you.

Finally, there are 2 sunbed rooms. One of which has a sunbed with 225 watt tubes in the sunbed and the other room has a mystic spray tan booth in it. So, whatever type of tan you consider having, we have the facilities to help you achieve this.

To contact us please use: dave.pritchard89@googlemail.com

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